On 19 October at 5 p.m. (17:00 hours) we held in our RESIDENTS CLUB an informative event called “Good health also means active patient participation”, given by Dr. Braat, cardiologist of our medical centre.

The aim of the talk was to promote the importance of active patient participation in their own health care.

Born in Maastricht, Holland, Braat studied medicine and specialised in Cardiology and Haemodynamics at the University of Amsterdam. The doctor has lived on the Costa Blanca since 2008, where he is currently head of the Cardiology Department at a local hospital.

A specialist in haemodynamics and interventional cardiology, Dr. Braat is defined by his passion for his profession and his personalised treatment of his patients.

This colloquium was an opportunity for both THE COMM residents and outpatients to learn about and value some tools to help them take an active role in their wellbeing.

In this sense, Dr. Braat, answered the questions that arose among the attendees while they enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee.

THE COMM Medical Center, located in THE COMM complex, is open to the general public and will continue to inform about the different health-related events that will take place soon.

See you next time!

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