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In our internal medicine and nutrition department we offer up-to-date medicine with a comprehensive vision of our patients’ state of health, where nutritional assessment and the recommendation of healthy habits specific to each patient forms a fundamental part. Our nutritionist helps us to carry out personalised dietary plans, monitoring and to provide specific advice.

Medico-nutritional assessment

We carry out a joint assessment with the internist and the nutritionist and proceed to determine the BODY COMPOSITION using the most accurate non-invasive technology currently available: INBODY S10 using bioimpedance. This assessment is aimed at ANYONE, healthy or with a pathology, who is interested in knowing and improving their state of health. Through clinical history and body composition we can know and establish proper MEDICAL-NUTRITIONAL ADVICE for different objectives according to the results:

  • Loss of fat mass
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decrease cardiovascular risk
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Improve nutritional status or hydration-decrease swelling or oedema
  • Improvement in sports performance
  • Optimise health status and prevention (excludes children under 16, pregnant women and those with diagnosed eating disorders)

Determination of body composition with state-of-the-art bioimpedance technology.

Bioimpedance is a non-invasive technique that analyses body composition with multiple applications. At THE COMM Medical Center we have the most advanced technology currently in tools of this type. Used by many experts and numerous studies, its practical application covers specialities such as internal medicine and nutrition, nephrology, sports medicine, endocrinology, oncology, geriatrics, helping in geriatrics, for example, to check the impact of physical exercise, prevent negative effects and address nutritional improvement to delay possible complications.

  • Our measurement system performs a HIGHLY PRECISE MEDICAL ANALYSIS OF TOTAL BODY COMPOSITION and of the 5 segments (right and left arm, right and left leg and trunk) with assessment of: basal energy expenditure, fat compartment and visceral fat
  • Muscle mass
  • Degree of intra- and extra-cellular hydration
  • Bone mineral content
  • Oedema index
  • Status of cell membrane integrity by determining the overall nutritional status-phase angle
  • Many other parameters with wide clinical application. We have a multi-frequency, segmental and direct technique, without empirical estimates, which has a 98.4% correlation with DEXA, the gold standard method, and numerous certificates such as NAWI and CE, which provide it with a high level of globally approved research.

After it is completed, we provide a report on the results and interpretation.

Types of consultations

Internal Medicine, a hospital speciality, offers an overall vision of the sick adult person. Due to the high level of specialisation and technological advances, it is essential for the internist to provide comprehensive and integrated care in order to help establish priorities for study, treatment and prevention. Our internist will answer any questions you may have about your health.

Our nutritionist will assess the physiological, metabolic and biochemical needs with a clinical history and complementary tests if necessary. Food and nutrition patterns and records are assessed and a dietary-nutritional plan adapted to each person and context is drawn up to ensure that both macro and micro-nutrient requirements are met. In short, the health status is assessed and improved through nutrition if necessary.

Monitoring for reassessment as needed.

Results are given to the patient for interpretation by the requesting professional.

In certain circumstances it will be necessary to use telematic means to carry out proper monitoring or to avoid unnecessary journeys.


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